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Introduction to nutrient and ph levels for growing plants
pH Values and pH Meters
Adjusting the pH Level
How PH affects Plant Nutrient uptake chart
measuring the nutrient levels in a solution
Modern Plant Nutrition

Mineral nutrient selections
General hydroponics
Advanced Nutrients
House & Garden
Canna Nutrients

Organic Nutrients
Pure Blend Pro
Fox Farm

Humic Acid
Fulvic Acid
Calcium Products
Amino Acid Solutions
guano products
bloom stimulants
Phytochromes and Plant Flowering
When to induce flowering on indoor plants
Using Pre Bloom and Ultra Bloom to get a Larger Yield in Less overall Time
Plant Growth Hormones
How to Use reservoir additives in your nutrient solution
Agricultural Organics New “Yellow Bottle” Line of Additives
Other New Products

The following 16 elements are considered essential plant nutrients: nitrogen(N), phosphorus(P), potassium(K), calcium(Ca), magnesium(Mg), Sulfur(S), iron(Fe), manganese(Mn), boron(B), molybdenum(Mo), copper(Cu), zinc(Zn) and chlorine(Cl). Plants also need carbon(C), hydrogen(H) and oxygen(O), derived from air & water. The nutrients C, H, O, N, P, K, Ca, Mg and S are needed in large amounts and are referred to as the macronutrients. Fe, Mn, B, Mo, Cu, Zn and Cl are needed in small amounts and are the micronutrients. A nutrient solution should ensure that all of these nutrients are available.It is now understood that there are more factors to plant nutrition than just these essential macro and micronutrients. High quality organic nutrients are available. Nutrients are also chelated to assist in the uptake of micronutrients and other molecules.

Modern plant nutrition also supply plant growth hormones and metabolic enhancers; there are a variety of nutrient additives and foliar sprays whose essential function is to speed the plant up, making the it work faster and harder. These hormones help energize the plant, allowing it to grow faster, and ultimately to yield more. Last but not least, the importance of healthy root zone functions has come to the forefront of plant science. Now there are a variety of ways to provide for powerful, healthy root growth. These options include enzymes to break down dead materials, root tonics and stimulators, and inoculations including beneficial microbes, fungal, bacterial and mycorrhizal. (To learn more about healthy root growth, check out our info sheet handout Healthy Roots on that topic. To learn more about managing your reservoir and adding nutrients and additves, check out our info sheet handout Reservoir Maintenance. )

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The pH value of a nutrient solution is a measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a solution. A basic, neutral solution is numerically equal to 7. The solution gets more acidic as the numbers decrease and more alkaline as the numbers increase. The ph scale ranges from 0 pH (very acidic) to 14 pH (highly alkaline). Pure water has a pH of 7.

Different nutrients are absorbed at different pH levels. Most plants need a pH level between 5.8 and 6.5 for optimum nutrient uptake. If the pH is too low, nutrients are bound up and the roots are unable to absorb them. If the pH is too high, plants may succumb to toxic salt buildup, limiting the ability of the roots to intake water and food.

Your pH will fluctuate and should be monitored regularly. It can be tested with inexpensive pH papers or with a pH Shaker Tester, or you may choose to use a pH meter. pH meters come in various degrees of sophistication and price. such as the Hanna Checker 1, a cheap an effective entry level handheld digital meter for pH. Some are handheld and need to be turned on each time they are used. They cost less but need more frequent calibration to keep them reading accurately. We like the Hanna Waterproof pH, a durable, easy to use, accurate handheld meter. Other pH meters are continuous reading models which are always on and should be mounted next to the reservoir such as the Grocheck pH meter. Check out the attached comparison info sheet at the back.

You can tweak the pH of your solution to allow more nitrogen in the growth phases and then readjust during the bloom phase for more phosphorous uptake. Most importantly, adjust the pH based on what plants you're growing.

pH Values for Different Hydroponic Crops
pH Range
Beans 6.0-6.5
Broccoli 6.0-6.5
Cabbage 6.5-7.5
Cantaloupe 6.5-6.8
Carrots 5.8-6.4
Chives 6.0-6.5
Cucumbers 5.8-6.0
Garlic 6.0-6.5
Lettuce 6.0-6.5
Onions 6.5-7.0
Peas 6.0-6.8
Pineapple 5.0-5.5
Pumpkin 5.0-6.5
Radish 6.0-7.0
Strawberries 5.5-6.5
Tomatoes 5.5-6.5

Adjusting the pH Level
The pH level of your nutrient solution will need to be adjusted if it is too low or too high (too basic.) You will want to keep pH Up and pH down handy in your grow area. Use very little at a time and stir the solution thoroughly. If you use to much of one then you will have to correct it with the other. The less you end up using, the better. Be careful when handling these solutions as they can burn the skin. We sell three types of pH up and down solution. Advanced Nutrients - strongest stuff - made for larger reservoirs. Grow More pH solutions - cheaper - made for small to mid-size applications. Earth juice Natural pH Adjusters - All Natural in a powder solution.

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ph chart

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By monitoring nutrients, not only can you feed your plants the appropriate level of nutrition, but you can also maximize the nutrients available for uptake. Equally important, you can be certain that your plants aren't undernourished. Both EC & TDS meters give an easy-to-read reference point of the conductivity of nutrient in solution.

TDS stands for Total Dissolved Solids and is measured in ppm or parts per million (ppm). One ppm is one part by weight of the mineral in one million parts of solution. In hydroponics TDS is estimated using a converstion from the measure of electrical conductivity (EC). TDS is currently the standard of measurement that most US growers use. This will probably begin to change in the future as manufacturers begin changing their products to EC.

Like pH, TDS (and EC) meters come in two different forms. Handhelds’, like the pH meters above, are easy to use, generally cheaper in price, and are great for checking multiple reservoirs with. We like the Hanna Primo TDS as an affordable entry level ppm meter. The Hanna Waterproof TDS/EC Handheld Meter is very nice. It is durable and easy to use, and is very accurate. Lastly, we like the “bullet-proof” Truncheon - It comes with a 5 year warranty, is easy to use, rarely ever breaks, and never needs to be calibrated. There are also continious meters for reading TDS/EC only. However, most people interested in these want a “combo” meter...(keep reading). You can learn more about Nutrient Meters in our Meter Info Section.

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Modern Plant Nutrition:
Over the last ten years, hydroponic plant science has moved away from the simple addition of bare-bones nutrients to a sterile root zone. It is now understood that there are more factors to plant nutrition than essential macro and micronutrients.

Modern plant nutrition has three main areas of concentration

  • Basic plant nutrition: Newer nutrients are now chelated, using agents such as fulvic and amino acids to make the uptake of micronutrients and other charged molecules much easier and more accessible to the plant.
  • Providing hormones and metabolic enhancers: There are a variety of nutrient additives and foliar sprays whose essential function is to speed the plant up, making the it work faster and harder. These hormones help energize the plant, allowing it to grow faster, and ultimately to yield more.
  • Root zone health: The importance of healthy roots cannot be overstated. There has been a lot of research in this area - we have an entire Root Health FAQ to check out

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The nutrients in these solutions are readily available, allowing plants to grow fast and strong. Although they are not organic, these nutrients are made from highly refined and pure ingredients. You will see excellent growth with any of these options - they all provide a full range of macro and micro nutrients. If you are growing in hydro, be sure to use a hydroponic nutrient line.

General Hydroponics

This is the original line of hydroponic nutrients. Many growers still rely on the reliable 3-part Flora Series and feel it is unrivaled in its overall performance. (We feel a little differently, but that’s another story altogether.) The 3-part Flora Series lets you tinker with the levels of Grow, Micro and Bloom to your heart's content in search of the perfect formula. General Hydroponics has also put out a one-part nutrient, Flora Nova (comes in both a Grow as well as a Bloom formula,) which works rather well and is super easy to use (as one-part formulas typically are). They also have some really good additives to support the line. Floralicious Plus is a kelp based metabolic enhancer that is chock full of good stuff. Along with kelp, Floralicious Plus has carbohydrates, amino acids, polyflavinoids, and humic and fulvic acids. Diamond Nectar is concentrated pure fulvic acid and will help with nutrient uptake and availability. SubCulture is an easy-to-use affordable inoculant of beneficial microbes ranging from Trichoderma to Streptomyces. FloraNectar is a new product that contains all natural raw cane sugar, molasses, malt syrup, select plant based esters, L-amino acids, organic acids, polyflavinoids, vitamins and essential minerals. FloraBlend is a vegan organic product that contains highly soluble organic compounds that increase and promote healthy root structures, build the plant's immune system and provide carbon building blocks for plant processes responsible for color and flavor of fruits and vegetables. Lastly, Kool Bloom is General Hydroponics age-old “super phosphate” bloom stimulant, which will promote larger fruit / flowers.

Advanced Nutrients

These are some of the best nutrients on the gardening market as well as some of the most complicated. The line contains the entire range of nutrient additives and it can be overwhelming to manage at first. When using A.N., it is suggested that you use only RO water. What makes the nutes themselves special is that the micro nutrients are individually chelated with their appropriate micronutrients (as opposed to CANNA which does batch chelation). Nutrients come from premium mineral sources. When working with Advanced Nutrients you have your choice of base nutrients, the two-part Sensi Grow and Sensi Bloom solutions, or you can go with their Grow, Micro and Bloom which can be combined to provide specialized nutrients for plants in any stage. Now there is also Connoisseur A + B for Bloom. Connoisseur is the most premium nutrient system we have seen. It is made from pharmaceutical grade minerals which have been either individually amino chelated or chelated with the most expensive chemical chelates (such as EDDHA). On top of that they incorporate new technology in the form of polyamino alcohols which increase the elasticity of the cell membranes, allowing more nutrients to be absorbed and thus digested. This provides for explosive growth and yield. When using any of these Advanced base nutrients we suggest starting out slow with the additives. Sweetleaf is a great additive which includes molasses, cane sugar, a full suite of B vitamins, esters, and polyphenolic compounds that combine to greatly increase flavor, aroma, and overall oil content in your favorite fruits and flowers. Big Bud, and OverDrive are premium bloom enhancing products that have unique levels of phosphorus and potassium for the fruit and flowering stage (inquire within for more info.) Piranha and Tarantula, are two beneficial microbe solutions that greatly increase root mass and thus yield (more roots, more fruits!). SensiZym is a strong digestive enzyme solution that will help the plant by degrading dead or dying root systems and feed them back to the plant and the beneficial microbes, keeping them away from any pathogens.

House and Garden

This a very finely crafted suite of nutrients and additives brought to you straight from Holland. Made from only the finest ingredients, this line uses the highest levels of calcium we have ever seen (up to 12% for some base nutrients!) as well as EDDHA iron chelates. They have a base nutrient for almost every type of grower. Their Coco A+B is a premium drain to waste nutrient with levels set to perfection for coco growers. Their Aqua Flakes A+B are designed for recirculating hydroponic systems. They also have a one-part (easy to use) soil formula called 1 Component Aarde. The most extraordinary product in their fleet is Roots Excelurator (featured on the first page of this handout in a spotlight.) House and Garden also has a full line of additives including Bud-XL - a bloom booster that concentrates all the plant's energy into the growing fruit / flowers; Top Booster - a premium pK booster that ensures larger fruit/flower sites; MagiGreen - a foliar spray that will green up any plant; Shooting Powder - creates a secondary bloom stage increasing overall yield; MultiEnzym - a very economical yet powerful digestive enzyme collection; and DripClean - a flushing/cleaning agent that can be run through a system at all times ensuring that the lines stay clean.

CANNA Nutrients
Canna Aqua Vega and Aqua Flores are premium two-part nutrients from Holland. This means that the grow (Vega) solution has a Part A and a Part B. The same holds true for the Bloom (Flores). CANNA has a unique line of nutrients – all the micronutrients are batch chelated using a blend of humic, fulvic and amino acids, providing a greater micronutrient absorption. They are also extremely pH balanced. They also make a ultra-premium Coco nutrient aptly called Canna Coco A+B. The same Coco A+B Nutrient is to be used for both veg and bloom. Their line includes Rhizotonic, a great root stimulator (grows roots at an accelerated rate and creates tons of white fuzzy micro-hairs) full of B vitamins, oligosaccharides, and other good stuff; Cannazym, an enzymatic formula which breaks down dead plant matter and helps roots to grow to fullest potential; and last but not least, Canna PK-13-14 which is Canna’s bloom stimulator (high ratio of phosphorus and potassium). Optional products to help supplement these nutrients are Alg-A-Mic for cytokinin hormonal push throughout. We also highly recommend Piranha, a mycorrhizal inoculant that encourages explosive root growth. EM Microbe is another perenial favorite with this line. We also suggest using Sweet to help correct the slight imbalance when using coco. And don’t forget to check out Canna’s exciting new Boost product. It will greatly enhance flavor, aroma and overall yield! Look for the spotlight below.

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Many growers want to use organics in their hydroponic system. Although there are many brands of 'hydro-organic' nutrient on the market today, these nutrients are a bit more difficult to manage than 'regular' hydroponic nutrients. Organic nutrients (such as bat guano or bone meal or solutions made from these kind of ingredients) must be broken down before the plant can absorb the minerals. They work great in soil because of micro bacteria which increase the rate of this process. In hydroponic systems, however, there are no beneficial 'helpers' and so growth can be much slower as organic nutrients are not as quickly available to the plants.

Another thing to be wary of with organic nutrients is their propensity to clog drip emitters, tubing, and pumps. It will be easier to grow organically using an ebb and flow system (with no drippers) as opposed to a drip system with many small parts.

Many growers use a regular hydroponic nutrient and supplement it with organic additives for the best of both worlds. For an excellent discussion on the organic/hydroponic debate, check out this article on General Hydroponic's website.

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Botanicare Pure Blend Pro
Botanicare Pure Blend Pro is an organic nutrient with 10-15% pure mineral content. It contains absorbable forms of iron, calcium and phosphorous. The phosphorous comes from pure rock phosphate. The line has a vegetative and a bloom formula. It also includes a calcium/ magnesium micronutrient formula called Cal-Mag Plus which is to be used at the end of the vegetative period and throughout bloom. Cal-Mag Plus helps to prevent micronutrient deficiencies and lockout. (We prefer substituting SensiCal for Cal-Mag. SensiCal has 3 forms of calcium and four forms of Iron as well as all essential plant metals (copper, boron, zinc, etc.) Liquid Karma, a kelp-based growth enhancer was made to be used with this line, as was HydroGuard, a bacterial inoculant and fungicide. For those who are concerned about large flowers and fruits, we recommend using Pure Blend Pro Bloom for soil instead of the regular Bloom formula for the last 3 weeks of Bloom. We also highly recommend Piranha, a mycorrhizal inoculant that encourages explosive root growth, SensiZym, comprised of enzymes which stimulate root growth and digest dead or dying plant proteins, and Barricade which hardens cell walls, increasing yield by up to 20% and also increases the plant's ability to deal with environmental stress (i.e. bugs, heat, etc.) We also strongly suggest Roots Excelurator - see Info Spotlight on first page. Keep the pH of your nutrient solution between 5.8 – 6.2.

PLEASE NOTE: If you follow the directions on the PureBlend Pro label you will find that the strength of your solution can be too high. It is best to monitor the PPM in your solution - we HIGHLY recommend getting a meter --- but if you want to try without it, just use a little less than the directions call for (this is generally good advice anyway).

BioBizz (for soil only)
BioBizz is known for creating fertilizers and additives for use in organic cultivation. They truly believe in the superiority of organic produce, and they use only the highest quality ingredients. Made in the Netherlands.

Bio-Grow Is a liquid organic nutrient that can be used in all types of media during the vegetative stage. It smells very sweet owing to its content of natural sugars which also provide an ideal inter-relationship with the bacteria in the soil mixture. Enriched with 70 trace elements and the vitamins B1, B2, C and E, it is a complete fertilizer that can also be used in the very latest stages of flowering as a plant tonic. Bio-Bloom contains a small amount of nitrogen and enough phosphorous and potassium to ensure exuberant blooming. Trace elements and hormones of vegetable origin are also added to improve the plant process itself. Bio-Bloom contains enzymes and amino acids to promote flowering and fruit production.

Top Max is a 100% organic bloom stimulant comprised of the pure essence of special flowers. Top Max stimulates the blossom cells and increases the transport of sugar molecules within the flowers, creating an abundance of floral growth. Top Max also contributes to a soft sweet taste in the finished product. Root Juice is a 100% vegetable root stimulator that creates explosive root growth in rooted plants via the stimulation of the natural microbiology surrounding the root system. It provides a better yield due to the ability of the plant to accelerate the uptake of nutrients. Produces a strong plant that is resistant to disease and insect attack. Provides a higher resistance to high EC-values. Alg-A-Mic Is a vitality booster made with cold pressed concentrated seaweed; hence its extremely high content of trace elements and hormones of vegetable origin. Natural amino acids and vitamins are also added, catering to the whole spectrum of the plants needs. Alg-A-Mic can be used as a foliar spray or watered directly to the roots promoting vigorous green growth.

Fox Farm
Fox Farm nutrients have been known as the "Microbrewery" of premium plant foods and soil mixes. Their fertilizers are built around the use of proprietary earthworm castings, nature’s finest soil amendment. They also add fish meal, crab meal, shrimp meal, calcium carbonate, rock phosphate, kelp and more to create a well balanced diet for plants. Although not entirely “organic”, Fox farm is mostly organic with no chemicals added. Anything that is not technically organic is at least ALL NATURAL. For example even though rock phosphate comes from pure mineral sources (shaved from a mined “rock”), it is still not technically “organic” because it is not carbon based (from life). We still consider as organic. There are three parts to their formula: Grow Big for vegetative growth, and Big Bloom and Tiger Bloom to promote heavy yields full of lush flavor and enticing aromas. Please refer to their Feed Chart. We also suggest using A.N.'s Piranha, Subculture, Hygrozyme, and Fox Farm's Tri Pack of Bloom Enhancers (Open Sesame, Beastie Bloomz, and Cha-Ching.)

BIOCANNA products have been developed on the precision farming theory in which the plant is fed directly and precisely. BIOCANNA is also based on direct as well as indirect nutrition to the plants. This means that BIOCANNA products stimulate the microflora around the roots, which helps the plant absorb the necessary nutrients and also protects the plant's root environment. BioVega, BioFlores and BioBoost are vegetable-based (vegan organic) and do not contain any animal residual products. The main advantage of this is that the product's composition is much better tuned to the plant's needs. Research has shown that products grown with BIOCANNA have a higher percentage of certain essential oils such as: ß-Pinene, Limonene, Caryophyllene and α-Humulene . These essential oils determine scent and flavor. BioVega has been developed specifically for the plants vegetative growth phase. BioVega is rich in highly absorbable betaine nitrogen that is released according to the plant’s needs. The bioactive substances within BioVega create very strong growth shoots and stimulate explosive root development. BioFlores, the bloom fertilizer in this line, as well as being a complete vegan fertilizer, also contains hops extract which is high in lupuline, luparol, and humulon, which provide the plant with extra blooming power. BioBoost is a yield enhancing bloom stimulant for all cultivation systems. BioBoost is a natural fermented plant extract which as well as increasing yield will help to form more flavor and aroma. Rhizotonic, a great root stimulator, grows roots at an astounding rate and creates tons of white fuzzy micro-hairs. It is full of B vitamins, oligosaccharides, and other good stuff. Cannazym, an enzymatic formula, breaks down dead plant matter and helps roots to grow to their fullest potential. We also suggest using beneficial microbes such as Piranha, EM-Microbe, and GLEEO. Also try Grand Finale during the last 2 weeks.

Earth Juice
The Earth Juice line of organic fertilizers are derived from 100% natural, organic ingredients. Earth Juice stimulates vigorous growth and provide abundant yields, while improving the soil. They are highly concentrated, easy to use, and contain no salt-building chemicals or hidden NPK boosting synthetics. Earth Juice Grow is an all organic, OMRI listed nitrogen formulation for vigorous green growth. Earth Juice Bloom is a non nitrogen phosphorus solution which is used to promote larger fruit, buds, flowers, and vegetables. It is also OMRI certified. Earth Juice Catalyst is a premium organic additive that encourages compact branching, stimulates optimal fruiting sites, and triggers early yields. Along with these 3 core ingredients there are two other additives: MicroBlast - a liquid micronutrient formula to be used to prevent and correct micronutrient deficiencies; and META - K - a natural potassium-based formulation for maturing, fruiting, and flowering plants that require more potassium. Earth Juice also makes a one part nutrient line, Sugar Peak Grow and Bloom. These are simple, easy to use formulas of selected natural and organic elements, bio-enhancers along with the purest elemental nutrients complex into a form that is easily assimilated by plants grown both hydroponically and in soil. Sugar Peak Grow is crafted for energetic stem and leaf growth for foliage plants and the vegetative stage of flowering and fruiting plants. Sugar Peak Bloom is designed to effectively maintain fruiting and flowering plants. There are two great additives for this line as well. Briximus
is a carbohydrate foliar spray which when used in conjunction with Grand Finale maximizes flavor and aroma.

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Although hydroponic formulas have come a very long way in providing total plant nutrition, many vital compounds and biological agents that are available to the plant in healthy soil are absent. When used correctly, metabolic enhancers can bridge the gap between organic and mineral nutrition. They can help the plants achieve full plant potential at every stage of growth. Metabolic enhancers and supplements can provide for:

  • Better seed germination, stronger seedlings, faster, more vigorous clones, massive root systems, healthier vegetative growth, better resistance to pests and disease
  • Bigger plants, higher yields

Please be aware that many hydroponic supplements are new and much remains to be learned about the materials involved. Always be cautious when experimenting, and let us know your results! We'd love to know how they work for you.

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There is a wide selection of products that will aid in root development and ward of pathogens, keeping your roots extremely happy and healthy. Depending on the medium employed, beneficial microbes can also do wonders for the media’s environment, the root zone efficiency and for overall health, as well as provide help with delivering nutrients and creating hormones and enzymes. Check out our entire information section dedicated to maintaining a Healthy Root Zone for a more comprehensive look at the root zone and various products that are available to maximize its potential.

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Humic Acid
Humic acids are a complex mixture of organic materials. They change the water retention of a grow media and the of the plant cell, causing it to swell up with more water, creating an osmotic imbalance and promoting the uptake of nutrient salts. Fulvic Acid, Nature’s chelating agent, is the most powerful type of Humic Acid. Important to the Krebs Cycle, Fulvic Acid shuttles essential elements across a cell membrane effortlessly and insures the availability of those elements. Studies show that plants treated with Fulvic Acid show a 36% increase in harvest weight, a 36.5% increase in growth, and they flower ahead of control plants.

Grandma Enggy’s Humic (H2) - This humic acid brew can be used in soil and hydroponics to increase water holding capacity, root zone aeration, and root efficiency. Humic stimulates root branching, plant enzyme function, and plant immune systems. Humic provides natural carrier compounds that transport nutrients and vitamins into plants more efficiently, so plants grow faster and have stronger cellular processes.

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A long with its chelating properties, fulvic acid is also a key factor in the Kreb cycle, the plant's respiratory and metabolism system. Providing this molecule reserves a plant's key energy reserves. A recent study showed that plants treated with fulvic acid experienced a 36% increase in produce weight at harvest, a 36.5% increase plant growth, and they flowered on average four days ahead of the control plants. Studies indicate the use of humates in hydroponics results in bigger plants and bigger veggies and quicker harvests.

Pure Fulvic Acid - A great deal on pure fulvic acid. These acids are small active organic molecules and are excellent chelators which penetrate through plant surfaces and roots. The results are healthier and stronger plants, decreased water stress and improved soil moisture and structure.

Diamond Nectar - Diamond Nectar is a fulvic acid extract from a combination of unique Leonardite sources providing the highest availability and diversity of these bioactive pant compounds. The General Hydroponics research team has assayed over 300 different Leonardite sources around the world to create a proprietary, pH balanced, fulvic acid with maximum agronomic benefits.

Liquid Karma - Liquid Karma chelates micronutrients through amino and fulvic acids, and shuttles them into plant cells, increasing metabolic rates and conserves plant energy. Full of B-vitamins and other stress relieving components with/ large amount of cytokinin derived from ascophylum nodosum North Atlantic sea kelp.

Grandma Enggy ’s Fulvic (F1)
- A 7-step extraction process creates Grandma’s honey-golden fulvic acid that nourishes plant cells, roots and leaves to produce bigger, more aromatic flowers. Has been competitively tested against other fulvic products and was found to produce quicker nutrient absorption, transport, and a greater cellular metabolism.

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Traditionally, the three “major plant nutrients” were thought to be nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (NPK). Recent studies on calcium have proven it to be just as important as the “the BIG 3”. First off, calcium is an essential part of plant cell wall structure. The more calcium present, the stronger and thicker the cell walls will be. In addition to its role in cell structure, calcium also plays a role in regulating various cell and plant functions as a secondary messenger / co-factor. This function as a secondary messenger / co-factor assists in various plant functions including nutrient uptake. It also helps the plant react to the impact of environmental and disease stresses.

Magnesium goes hand in hand with calcium. Although not as important, magnesium is part of the chlorophyll in all green plants and essential for photosynthesis. Magnesium also helps to activate specific enzyme systems. Enzymes are complex substances that build, modify, or break down compounds as part of a plant's normal metabolism. Both calcium and magnesium are two of the most common deficiencies (especially when using purified or Reverse Osmosis water), and need to be address and dealt with quickly when diagnosed.

Below are our favorite calcium products:
Plant-Amp is derived from a unique and proprietary microorganism based chelation process, which harnesses the power of Nature's smallest creatures to "fix" plant food for easy uptake. This microbe-chelated Calcium will not lock-up important compounds such as phosphorous, silicates, or sulfur, while facilitating Calcium uptake by plant roots and leaves. Great for Foliar applications! We suggest using with Nitrozime or Alg-A-Mic. Also Note: This is a pure calcium product. Does not contain magnesium or other plant essential elements.

MagiCal - MagiCal is a highly enriched blend of Magnesium, Calcium and Iron, that promotes vigorous and healthy plant growth for both soil and soiless gardens. MagiCal accelerates protein syntheses, maintains high starch content in crops, improves the density of fruit and the production of essential oils, creates lush and greener foliage, and maintains a healthy root system.Completely soluble and clear of any sediment, MagiCal will mix with ease into any solution providing an instantly available source of nutrients. This is the most Absorbable form of ready-to-use Calcium out there. It also has an assortment of Micro-Nutrients within it as well.

Cal-Mag - The Yellow bottle has a Cal-Mag now which has a DTPA Iron, Calcium Chelate product out. This is pretty good stuff. Easy to use and Great Concentration.

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BioHeaven - The L-amino acids used by BioBizz for BioHeaven are extracted from organic protein sources via enzymatichydrolysis and fermentation. This process ensures the amino acids are extracted in L-form, the only absorbant used by plants. Besides the L-amino acids, BioHeaven contains natural aged humus, one of the most versatile components in soil environments. This component, in combination with other operative substances in BioHeaven, dramatically increases the quantity of minerals in the soil. Normally, the percentage of minerals uptake is around 5-10%; the substances within BioHeaven can raise it up to 95%. 100% organic, Bio-Heaven contains a range of carefully selected bio-stimulants and organic ingredients that effectively turbocharge your plants,ridding them of toxins, increasing their nutrient and trace element uptake and maximizing their potential. This leads to enhanced vegetative growth, increased root system development and superior flowering performance. Bio-Heaven is used at 1-5 ml/liter from the second week of vegetative growth right through until two weeks from harvest and should be used in conjunction with your normal grow and bloom nutrient regimen. This product is also great for stressed out plants or if you want to just give them a kick.

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Budswel - A solution comprised of Bat Guano and Earthworm Castings. This solution has been around for quite a long while, and many people swear by it. The organic enzymes and hormones contained in this powerful solution will help promote more aroma, sugars, oils, and resins - “to the max.”

Organa Guano - Unlike any other liquid guano out there. This product contains super concentrated organic phosphorus extracted from bat guano. In order to get this high concentration it has been sterilized and highly filtered. For an exciting and thorough combination use with Budswel to bring hormones and enzymes into the mix. Note: contains 20 times more phosphorus than Budswel).

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Bloom Stimulants come in two forms these days: those that are mineral based (“super phosphate” - indicated below in orange) and those that employ hormones and/or enzymes. Phosphorous and potassium are directly involved in fruit/flower formation, structure and overall taste, potency & aroma. By adding more of these two macro-nutrients at “key” points in the Bloom phase we can influence (and thus speed up) or increase the number of fruit/flowering sites. Hormones and enzymes, alternatively are organic (and have no NPK value) and can stimulate new growth, speed up the plants metabolism or govern a wide variety of internal reactions which in turn will increase the yield, flavor and aroma of the fruit/flowers. It is very important to NOT overlap two of the same type of product which essentially are offering the same ingredients.

Big Bud and OverDrive, from Advanced Nutrients - Big Bud will dramatically increase bud/fruit growth, width, weight and resin production like no other bloom enhancing product can (use for weeks 2-5). Overdrive is a premium fruit/flower booster with an extremely extensive and very complex array of phosphorus and potassium source. OverDrive is designed to give fruit/flowers their final girth as well as increase oil/sugar/resin content (use weeks 6-7). Designed to be used one at a time.

Kool Bloom -This is General Hydroponics “super phosphate” product that is designed for use in the second half of reproductive development. This concentrated nutrient supplement increases the production of essential oils and fragrance in flowers. Comes in both dry (for the last 3 weeks of bloom) and liquid formulations (weeks 2-4 of bloom).

Hydroplex - This is Botanicare’s “super phosphate” and is designed to be used for the final 3 weeks. (Not to be used during flush.) What makes this product special is its use of humic, fulvic, and amino acids to help chelate its phosphorus and potassium and make them more accessible to the plant.

Canna PK-13-14 -Unlike other blooming aids, Canna PK13-14, Canna’s “super phosphate”, works rapidly and is immediately available because it requires a very small amount of absorption energy, due to fulvic acid and other phosphorus/potassium uptake co-factors This allows for full focus on blooming. Use weeks 4-6.

CANNA Boost Accelerator - The primary function of this additive is to stimulate recently formed flowers into fuller and heavier growth by increasing the plants’ actual rate of photosynthesis. This leads to not only increased yields, but also higher nutrient uptake and greater sugar production for better tasting harvests. Also, because your flowers are stimulated into the maturing process a lot earlier, the consistency of quality across your crops will be much better. Even better results can be achieved if PK13/14 is used as well. This is because PK 13/14 provides the plant with extra flowering elements while CANNA BOOST ensures that the plant has the energy to utilize these elements.

Top Max- This unique recipe contains some humic acid as well as some kelp, but the the bulk of the potion is comprised of proprietary ingredients. This product increases the oil / resin / sugar production of your fruits/flowers during the last 3 weeks and will cause “crowning,” a sort of secondary “bloom” stage event. (OK for hydro)

Shooting Powder - This bloom booster starts a new fruiting/flowering cycle after the regular bloom phase, increasing the fruit's weight. The extra yield after applying this nutrient will probably surprise you. It actually creates a new layer on top of the existing fruit. Output increases of over 20% can be reached this way. Use with Bud-XL for best results.

Bud-XL - Bud-XL has the unique ability to extract sugars from the leaves of the plant and transfer them to the fruit. The fruit is thus made sweeter and its taster improved. Bud-XL also increases the size and robustness of the flowers, resulting in an increase in fruit production and greater yield. Use with Shooting Powder for best results.

PHAT Bloom - Use during weeks 2-4 of Bloom. This unique bloom stimulator uses Sugar Translocation Technology (STT) and phytic acid (very similar to ATP) to make fruits and flowers bigger and thus yield more. Phytic acid is the most abundant form of stored phosphorus and carbohydrates in flora. Phytic acid and STT make flowers PHAT fast.

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Phytochromes and Plant Flowering
The signal for plants to flower in the correct season is called photoperiodism, which is the change in the proportion of light and dark in a 24 hour period. There are three ranges of photoperiodism : short day and long night, long day and short night, and day neutral (in which case the plant uses other signals to trigger flowering).

Temperature is also a factor in photoperiodism. The theory goes that, as temperature changes the plants internal chemistry speeds up or slows down. For example, henbane (a long-day plant) needs 11.5 hours of light at 83° F, but only 8.5 hours of light at 60° F. However, there is a definite critical point at which the flowering signal switches on. For example, at 72.5°F henbane would not flower at 10 hours of light, but 10 hours and 20 minutes of light is enough to induce flowering.

The leaves are the only part of a plant that carries the flowering signal, which triggers the hormones in the plant to alter their functions. The message is so subtle that if only a small piece of one single leaf is left on a plant, it will still transmit the signal. The mechanism that causes this flowering signal is pretty amazing. Plants contain several very specific color pigments: chlorophyll-a, chlorophyll-b, carotene, and phycobilin, but the two pigments which control the flowering signal are called Phytochrome Red (PR) and Phytochrome Far Red (PFR). Phytochromes are photoreceptors, or pigments that plants use to detect light. These two photochemically-reactive pigments act as “on-off” switches that tell plants when to initiate flowering. Phytochromes also regulate seed germination, the size, shape, and number of leaves, the synthesis of chlorophyll, and other functions.

Plants are continuously producing PR, which degrades to PFR whenever it gets exposed to “red” light of 660- 760nm. During the daytime, the balance between PR and PFR is constant. When night comes, the darkness or “far red” light steadily decreases the PFR over a period of hours, causing the PR to rise. If a light flash with red in it occurs in the middle of the night period, or if the plant is exposed to daylight, the PR immediately changes to PFR, which switches off the flowering signal. If a plant receives no light, or is exposed to “far red” (760-800nm), the PFR turns back to PR. One way to remember this process: PFR is rapidly produced in the light, and PR is slowly produced in the dark.

Most plants seem to need a continuous critical length cycle of about two weeks for the hormones to change totally from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage. This 2 week time period can be overcome through a process of an inital long night period of 36 hours as coupled together with two distnct hormone reginimes (Pre-Bloom and Ultra- Bloom). (More information on this new and exciting process below.)

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When to induce flowering on indoor plants
The more time a plant spends in vegetative growth before flowering, the more fruit or flowers the plant will yield (up to a point - Indoors a plant should never be over 18-20” tall before put into Bloom - This is the point of dimensished returns!!) This is because it builds up more energy storage reserves, especially in its roots. This explains why plants always flower at the end of the growing season in nature, never the beginning. Because of indoor limitations, gardeners must choose a point to put their plants into Bloom. Plants will double in size before full flowerin and fruiting, so to produce a plant that will finish at, say, 24-36 inches tall, it should be put into flowering by the time it reaches 12-16 inches. The only way around this is generally by putting in more plants!

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Using Pre Bloom and Ultra Bloom to get a Larger Yield in Less overall Time
Through the altering of the Light/Dark cycle to36 hours of Darkness right when the plants first go into Bloom, Coupled with the use of Pre-Bloom (Not during the 1st week of Veg. Growth and Not the last. . .But, the weeks inbetween of Veg. growth i.e. 2 and 3) at 1tsp./Gal. and Ultra-Bloom - right after their 36 hours of darkness for 1st 2 weeks of Bloom - Plants will go into Bloom in 4-7 days as opposed to 10-14 days, thus making them spend more time in Bloom which in turn increases their yield. Also by cutting out some of the transition phase (the normal 2 weeks that it takes to take a plant from the Veg. cycle to Bloom) they will end 1 week sooner than normal.

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Plant Growth Hormones:
Plant hormone research has come a long way in the last few years. The natural plant growth regulators (or plant hormones) are gibberellic acid , ethylene gas, abscisic acid (ABA), 4 auxins, and several cytokinins, all of which have their own specific effects on growth and development in plants. The main advancement that has been made relevant to hydroponics is with cytokinins. Most cytokinin research has been concentrated on determining the appropriate and most elevated amounts that can be delivered to the plant without any harmful side effects.

There is a wide range of products now available that are made of Ascophylum Nodosum, the North Atlantic sea kelp from which most cytokinins are derived from.

Growth Max - A seaweed extract made for foliar feeding plants. An excellent and inexpensive way to give your plants an extra boost.

Nitrozime - very popular - growers swear by the results - Nitrozime provides cytokinins to help control and regulate germination, root development, nutrition uptake, plant tissue composition, flowering. seed and fruit set.

B'cuzz - Atami's line of stimulators are formulated from a combination of two kinds of seaweed, Laminaria digitata and Ascophyllum nodosum. These solutions help plants handle stress. Three formulas, one for rooting, one for growth and one for bloom.

Liquid Karma - If you are looking for just one thing to add to your nutrient regimen, Liquid Karma is the one. It is good for every stage of growth and will definitely increase branching points, fruit and flower sets and overall yield by as much as 30%. Liquid Karma chelates micronutrients through amino and fulvic acids, and shuttles them into plant cells, increasing metabolic rates and conserves plant energy. Full of B-vitamins and other stress relieving components with a large amount of cytokinins derived from ascophylum nodosum north atlantic sea kelp.

SuperNova - SuperNova contains high concentrations of cytokinins extracted from Ascophyllum Nodosum. Cytokinins increase cell division, which promotes vigorous plant and root growth. SuperNova also contains growth precursors, vitamins, and amino acids. Super Nova is made by General Hydroponics to work with Dark Energy.

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Along with the major plant hormone research, enzymes have become the recent focus of much attention. Smaller yet amazingly powerful, enzymes have a variety of important benefits for the hydro grower. There are many different enzymes that all have different functions. The hydroponic growing community is just beginning to realize what they all do. There are two types of enzymes that we are most concerned with. There are those that accelerate sugar/ resin production and work to create flavor and aroma. There are others that break down dying and dead plant proteins into their component parts – amino acids, lipids and smaller molecules which can be reabsorbed by the plant.

Cannazym consists of more than 15 different kinds of enzymes to which vitamins and extracts of desert plants are added. Cannazym speeds up the breaking down of dead root material and activates microorganisms. Cannazym also facilitates and increases resistance against pathogenic microbes. The strongest digestive enzyme on the market.

Hygrozyme This enzyme solution prevents the formation of pythium bacterial rot, and algae, Hygrozyme is an activating enzyme solution. It will create healthy white root growth in your plants. (Great with freshly rooted cuttings to promote even more roots.) It will not harm beneficial microbes. You CAN use Hygrozyme (or any other enzyme product) with any product except for Hydrogen Peroxide or Zone. In fact you can (an many people do) use Hygrozyme with another enzyme solution such as SensiZym. Hygrozyme will produce Bigger, Stronger, Faster Growing plants with larger overall Yield and greater overall health. Feel free to come in and ask us about Hygrozyme and its many benefits.

SensiZym is a super concentrate of over 80 different enzymes, each having specific functions that enhance plant and root growth. Great for soil or hydroponics. Mainly digestive enzymes. This is our favorite all-around enzyme solution. We feel it does the best job at promoting good healthy new growth, as well as keeping roots in good condition. Part of the Advanced Nutrients line.

Multi-zyme is yet another enzyme mixture. This is slightly more concentrated then either SensiZym or Cannazym. It is part digestive enzyme and part catalyst. This is a combination package similar to SensiZym.

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Silicate helps strengthen plant tissue helping plants flourish in adverse environmental conditions such as heat, drought, and frost. For use in container gardens or soilless hydrogardening applications

Barricade - Silicate is a beneficial nutrient supplement to be used in conjunction with standard nutrient program. Barricade will substantially strengthen and boost your plants' vigor by increasing cell wall stability.

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Sweet - Available in either berry or citrus flavor, Sweet organic carbohydrate synthesizer contains carbohydrates, organic acids, vitamins, amino acids, esters, essential secondary and trace elements which are utilized for the bio-synthesis of crucial compounds to maintain optimal metabolism. Sweet - the original blend of carbs and esters to give more oil / resin / sugar production in plants.

Carboload - Polysacharrides and simple sugars. Can be used in conjunction with either Sweet or Sweetleaf. Really good food for beneficial microbes. Carboload is easy to apply. Comes in either powder or liquid form. We actually prefer the powder form, and feel it does a better job.

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Seaweed (Kelp) Based Products
The natural plant growth regulators, (gibberellic acid, ethylene gas, abscisic acid {ABA}, auxins, and several cytokinins) all have their own specific effects on growth and development in plants. The main research advancements have involved cytokinins which are known to govern cell division and increase growth. There is a wide range of products available made of ascophylum nodosum, the North Atlantic sea kelp form which most cytokinins are derived.

Liquid Karma - If you are looking for just one thing to add to your nutrient regimen, Liquid Karma is it. Great for every stage of growth, Liquid Karma will increase branching points, flower sets and yield by as much as 30%. It chelates micronutrients through amino and fulvic acids, shuttles them into plant cells, increasing metabolic rates and conserving plant energy. Full of B-vitamins and other stress relieving compounds with cytokinins from ascophylum nodosum.

Seaplex - Finally another Cold Proccessed Kelp has hit the market. Seaplex is chock full of seaweed that is processed using only a press and non-damaging enzymes. Then it is cold filtered to make sure it will not clog up any aero or dripper system. Finally Humic Acid is added for extra absorbtion.

Alg-A-Mic A vitality booster made with cold pressed concentrated seaweed; hence its extremely high content of trace elements and hormones of vegetable origin. Natural amino acids and vitamins are also added, catering to the whole spectrum of plant needs. Alg-A-Mic can be applied as a foliar spray as well as directly to the roots promoting vigorous green growth. Healthy plants are also less likely to suffer from deficiency diseases and temperature fluctuations. Alg-A-Mic may be used in all stages of growth and bloom. It can also be foliar fed with Wet Betty. We prefer adding this into the root zone at a rate of 1-4tsp./gal. Start low and build it up. Ok For hydro

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Foliar spraying is an excellent way to deliver larger molecules directly into the plant. The root zone is protected (internally) by a protective lining called the Casparian Strip which prevents larger molecules (carbohydrates and some hormones, etc.) from getting through and into the interior of plant cells where they can be helpful

Phospholipid agents are an extremely powerful group of activators and transporters of humatic isolates. The phospholipid technologies developed by Dutch Master can be tailored to suit a wide range of humatic isolates as well as directing those isolates to activate specific subsystems of plant growth, development, or physiology. Phospholipids create membranes in channel so that larger molecules can quickly enter a cell.

Dutch Master Folitech Grow and Flower are two unique foliar sprays designed to enhance your plants ability to support and produce larger numbers of flowers than would normally be possible. Folitech is a two-stage product with a vegetative and a flowering formulation which are designed to be used at the appropriate stages of plant development.

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Grand Finale - This is a new one-part finishing formula from the makers of the famous Earth Juice line of organic fertilizers. Start using Grand Finale 14 days prior to harvest. It is a stand alone one part fertilizer (NPK 0-6-4.) Grand Finale causes yellowing, (pulling out reds, and purples as well) and dropping of leaves, leaving you with a cleaner end product with less green leafy taste to it. We feel this is one of the best, if not THE best finishing products on the market. Creates firm fruit, with great aroma. Derived from molasses, Marin fossilized bird guano, phosphoric acid, bat guano and potassium sulfate. This product is very visual. We are sure that after one use of this you will be blown away.

Purple Maxx - This product has been in development for over two years under the name of STACKER. They discovered a combination of organic compounds that would encourage plants to “stack” their flowering / fruiting sites closer together, increase resin / sugar production and fruit / flower size and stimulate extreme crystal development. After Stacker, it took on the name Snow Storm. . .Then when continuing to Beta-test they discovered that it turned their fruit a deep purple. Finally Snow Storm became titled Purple Maxx. You still get all the yield enhancing stacking power, and the extreme oil/resin/sugar production and if your genetics allow you get the added purple colorization.

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Scorpion Juice - Dr. Hornby's Scorpion Juice triggers a plant's defense mechanisms by inducing a systemic acquired resistance (SAR) in the plant cells. This acts as a vaccination for your plants, which quickly build immune responses to a diverse variety of pathogens including viruses, fungi, and bacteria. This immunity response is particularly evident in resin producing plants which show substantial increases in resin production when the defense mechanisms are activated. In addition, a marked increase in flower / fruit production and size as well as fragrance is also seen. Scorpion Juice contains chitosan (active ingredient) and its benefits are considerably heightened when used with Messenger.

Messenger is the harapin protein and elicits an SAR response in plants after being sprayed. Messenger causes a natural reaction in the plant, activating their immune system! Plants treated with Messenger are healthier than untreated plants and have less disease, bigger root systems, more flowers, and more fruit. Use with Scorpion Juice!

Foliar Bloom A+B is a powerful SAR solution. It combines both salicylic acid and chitosan. Both of these products synergize together to create a very large SAR response in plants. This is the strongest solution we have found and is very good at preventing Powdery Mildew if used before an infection occurs. We suggest spraying every 2 weeks. For an even more potent soltion mix A+B of this solution along with Messenger and a wetting agent and watch your plants stand erect and reach for the light (happy as can be!).

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Flushing Agents
No matter what nutrient program you use,it is highly recommenced that you flush your crop out before harvest. You can do this by running plain water through the system for a few days, but if you really want to remove the build-up of nutrient salts to allow a clean and clear flavor to come through, you might want to try a flushing solution.

Clearex is also used at the end of a crops cycle to trigger the last reproductive stage of the plant, forcing the plant to process and assimilate endogenous nutrients. From the Botanicare line by American Agritech.

Final Phase is a flushing agent that will rid plants of salt buildup and will leave them with a sweeter taste as well. Final Phase is not a fertilizer. When used at the end of the Fruit / Flowering Phase, plants get a signal which indicates that there time is drawing to a closure, inducing them to put all their remaining energy into a final burst (which will help create more oil / resin / sugar). Final Phase is also very good at flushing out mediums whenever nutrient salts have built up within. It is best to use Final phase first, then rinse with just water afterwards.

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How to use reservoir additives in your nutrient solution:
When using additives, it is ideal to clean the reservoir every week. This is the way to keep your plants growing super strong, and to really keep things healthy and clean. If you are going to change your reservoir about once a week, use the following method.

  • First add the appropriate additives in the correct dosage.
  • Add nutrients bringing the nutrient level to the desired level.
  • ph balance the reservoir.
  • Throughout the week, when you fill up the reservoir, also add nutrients and pH the reservoir.
  • Don’t add additives again until you clean and redo the reservoir.
  • Follow this to end when you use aflushing agent.

Most people change their reservoir every 10-14 days – although this isn't the absolute best, it is fine. If you do this then you will want to add half the amount of original additives at 1 week.

  • First add the appropriate additives in the correct dosage.
  • Add nutrients bringing the nutrient level to the desired level.
  • ph balance the reservoir.
  • Throughout the week, when you fill up the reservoir, also add nutrients and pH the reservoir.
  • At the end of one week, add 1/2 the amount of original additives as you originally added.
  • Follow this to end when you use a flushing agent.

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Agricultural Organics New “Yellow Bottle” Line of Additives
Pre Bloom - Pre Bloom stimulates massive branching and triggers a stage of development called pre flowering, improving response at flower initiation. Plants grown using Pre Bloom also have much shorter internode spacing, producing much more compact plants without the use of Plant Growth Regulators.

Ultra Bloom - Using organic plant signaling compounds and nucleic acids Ultra Bloom triggers flower development fast, increasing initial flower set. The signaling compounds in Ultra Bloom that trigger flower set are so specific they only switch on genes responsible for the development of female flowers. More Bloom sites less stretching!

Phat Bloom is the big gun for using during the most rapid period of plant growth and development and also the exponential flowering phase during weeks three and four. Phat Bloom puts a on bio-mass faster during this period than any other product on the market. Phat Bloom utilizes the Sugar Translocation Technology (STT) and Phytic Acid (which is another plant usable form of ATP (liquid energy) to make flowers Phat fast.

Ooze Bloom uses cutting edge technology developed through extensive research and development. Based upon commercial essential oil technology, advanced through research, Agricultural Organics have been able to stimulate the terpenoid production through natural bio stimulants. They combine this with their proprietary combination of triacontanol, rare earth minerals, fulvic acid, vitamins and amino acids. Ooze Bloom stimulates these secondary metabolites which aid in the synthesis of oil, sugar and resin production in fruits and flowers.

Final Bloom - This is an Organic stimulant consisting of organics phytohormones, fulvic acid, vitamins and amino acids. Use Final Bloom in the last two weeks of the flowering cycle just prior to harvest. You will see noticeable change’s in 2 -3 days. Final Bloom will increase yield, improve sugar / resin production, increase overall aroma, and create very dense fruit structure. It will really tighten up your flowers / fruit clusters and add to the overall quality. We have had customers that have come in saying that 2-3 days after adding this product to their reservoir solution their plants had just fallen over due to the sheer weight of the fruit. If you need to add some final density or bulk, this is it.

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Other New Products
SeaWeed - This is the “Yellow Bottle lines” new Seaweed solution. It is made from cold proccessed kelp and is very rich in cytokinens and other plant hormones. Along with kelp it contains a small amount of Humic acid to help with water retention and absorption of the various active ingredients and micronutrients held within. Along with its quality structure and components it is priced right (at about 1/2 of other quality kelp products on the market).

Huvega - Huvega is primarily a fulvic acid solution. It uses Ionic minerals which have high oxygen - hydrogen leves which have very positive influences on plants metabolism and nutrient absorption. These ionic minerals have a very high Cation Exchange capacity (CEC) and can capture and hold onto other minerals and transport them through a plants cell membrane and still keep them mobile within. This saves a plant HUGE amounts of energy which can then be used for other functions such as flower generation. Also these Ionic compounds (because they are so reactive) can be used to break down “toxic” or pathogenic matter within the plant’s cells.

Humega - is a leonardite based media enhancer. It is comprised of lignite ore which is cold processed and contains oodles of unique fulvic and humic acids, hormones, enzymes, minerals and a sleu of beneficial microbes. Humega allows for more water absorption and retention within the plant cells, allowing them to swell up and in turn hold more nutrient, enzymes, and multiply faster.

SeaFuel - Principally Fish Hydrolysate, Australian bull kelp and Fulvic acid. This product is only made from fresh Blue Fin Tuna which is ground up and composted organic-style under the Australian skies. This is THE fresest and most potent Fish-Mix out there today. It will increase oil/resin content and help with stress (draught / heat /cold) tolerance.

Sea Minerals - Bloom SEA MINERALS contains 85 times the concentration of essential minerals present in seawater. First seawater is harvested from the southern ocean and then evaporated down to just over 1% of its initial volume using the nothing but the power of the sun. Creating a solution 25 times more rich in minerals than the dead sea yet low in sodium creating the perfect agricultural mineral and trace element supplement.